"As a the author of literary crime fiction, I needed a sophisticated look -- with maybe a hint of tough-girl leather!  Over the many years we worked together, Michele consistently created  eye-catching and practical wardrobes for my book tours and speaking engagements.   She is a terrific gal with an original eye and French flair.  I always felt confident wearing her clothes -- and they are still the most wearable and fun in my closet.  Highly recommended! "

April Smith, author of the FBI Special Agent Ana Grey Mysteries.  www.aprilsmith.net  

“Michele was my Personal Shopper at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. She is terrific, and it was a pleasure to work with her.  One of her strengths is the time she takes getting to know her clients and their needs.  I am a professional with a very hectic work schedule, and Michele put together outfits for me so that I did not have to spend time in the morning trying to decide what to wear. Additionally when she saw an outfit that would look good on me, she put it aside for me.  I always received compliments on what I was wearing, and I truly miss working with Michele.  She is a dynamite Personal Shopper and a good friend.”

Sue Whitfield

“Michele has a real sense for her client's personal style; she helps you become more of who you really want to be. Combine that with her up to the moment fashion sense, and you've never looked as good as you do when dressed by Michele - and that goes for men as well as women - my husband loves to shop with her too!”

Deborah King

Speaker,  author

21st Century Energy Medicine Program

"Four years ago, as I prepare for my second wedding,

I realize it won't be easy. I have three bridesmaids with vastly different

figures, and a mother who hates to shop. In a panic, I call

Michele for help. Michele is not scared.  She gathers LBD's

(little black dresses), jackets, tops, shoes and bags for all of us.

Within a few hours, we are decked out from top to toe. She makes

the impossible become possible.  What should have taken

days takes less than a full afternoon. My bridesmaids and I

go out to celebrate.

The next challenge I give her: make me look like a picture in a magazine

I've clipped of actress Lisa Rinna rushing through an airport.

Michele finds the right jeans (always a tough task), the proper shirt,

the right belt.  Suddenly I am transformed into the hip look I crave.


Michele has impeccable taste.  She has an artistic, European sensibility

with realistic limits. She can ferret out the season's top trends

while she keeps her clients looking timeless. She know what works,

and how to work it.  She gives her clients a sense of confidence

that they are going to look their best in any situation."

Erica Gerard Di Bona

Los Angeles, California

“Michele Oppenheimer has impeccable taste and it is a true pleasure working with her.  She gave me specific recommendations for what to purchase and also helped me decide what should stay and what needed to go from my closet.   She is caring, practical, efficient and knowledgeable.  I have saved a lot of time and money working with Michele and I highly recommend her services.”

Stephanie Palmer, pitch consultant, Good in a Room

I am retired and had just turned 60 years old when I found myself standing in my closet and wondering what the heck am I going to wear for this new phase of my life.  Living in Santa Fe is wonderful, but I had become very casual in my dress and I even thought a boxy shirt over baggy pants with a scarf wrapped around my neck was "chic."  

I began to look at women my age and saw what I liked and what I didn't like.  But I didn't know how to put together what I liked for me. It was Divine Intervention when I found Michele's ad in our local paper and decided to call.  That phone call literally changed my life!  

Meeting Michele is like meeting a best friend who brings the best out in you.  I was awestruck at how quickly she evaluated my needs and led me gently to the land of good fashion sense, style and confidence.  She was sensitive to my budget limits and guided me like a fashion angel to make wonderful purchases that took me from confusion and doubt about my style, to now knowing what looks good, what does not look good and what is appropriate for me.  My husband was very pleased as I came strolling down the hall wearing each new outfit one by one.  He sees a new me and he likes what he sees.  I am still amazed with the number of compliments I have received since working with Michele.  

I am overwhelmed at this change in my life and cannot thank Michele enough for what she has done for me.  It is not only the business side of our relationship, but her intuitiveness and friendship that prompts me to call her my "Saint Michele."

Beverly Young

Santa Fe, NM