Image Consultation, Wardrobe Makeover, Personal Shopping, Closet Intervention for women and men

IMAGE CONSULTATION: I meet with you in your environment, discuss your specific needs and lifestyle. Then we review your current wardrobe.  I will explain how you can put together clothes that you already have to create new outfits. We will also review what you might need to be able to project the image that you really want. I will advise you about colors and silhouettes that would best flatter you and make you feel beautiful and confident.

WARDROBE MAKEOVER: This includes an image consultation, after which it is time to update and edit your wardrobe. First we remove the clothes that do not fit, or are out of style. Then we put together outfits from what you already have and assess what is missing to create a wardrobe that will meeet all of your needs, this includes my personal shopping sercvices. It is a head to toe transformation.

PERSONAL SHOPPING: Based on your needs I do the necessary research visiting the appropriate stores and searching online. After I've selected various possibilities, we go shopping together and find the perfect age-appropriate, polished and stylish wardrobe, whether casual or professional. Or if you prefer, I can gather items and bring them to you to try on in the comfort and privacy of your home or office.

I am available for shopping trips anywhere in the States or in Europe.

CLOSET INTERVENTION: Most women are horrified when they go into their closet. Although they have tons of clothes, they feel like they don't have anything to wear. What they see gives them that "what was I thinking?" feeling. Everything seems too trendy,  too dowdy or age inappropriate, and nothing seems to go together.

What I do first is organize what you already have. There are pieces there that will work, and I can find them. Then we determine what you need. This is different than an image consultation in that I physically go through the closet to remove what doesn't work, put together what will and make a list of what is necessary to refresh and update your wardrobe.

Fees available on request